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Lesson Plan Background: Pollution and Global Climate Change Essay exam

Exercise Plan Background: Pollution and Global Climate Change Presentation: This exercise about contamination centers around ozone harming substances. Understudies will find out about ozone harming substances and how they influence biological systems. The understudies will comprehend the nursery influence and how their activities relate expanding convergences of ozone harming substances. In the exercise, understudies will characterize the properties of a biological system, figure out how to recognize the environments they live in and how they collaborate inside a biological system. The understudies will have the option to apply what they realized on a nearby and worldwide level. The understudies will be surveyed for comprehension all through the exercise just as at the finish of the exercise through exercises and conversation. Since the ideas introduced are confounded for fourth †fifth grade understudies, the exercise requires the instructor to ceaselessly check for comprehension. More detail on the evaluations is given in the â€Å"Assessment† area. This exercise likewise creates abilities that should enable the understudies to satisfy Colorado State guidelines. These abilities arrive at the sciences just as language expressions and reach out across numerous particular norms, for example, thinking and articulating thoughts. The understudies are urged to communicate thoughts and collaborate with one another through conversation and little gathering exercises while thinking through testing ideas. This permits the educator to connect with the understudies and furthermore permits the understudies to turn out to be progressively happy with communicating thoughts. The understudies are additionally expected to propose activities to decrease contamination toward the finish of the exercise which permits them to think freely and to feel that they can be pioneers and impact change. The main structure square of the exercise is to... ...n make a promise to follow up on the recommendations. The understudies ought to acknowledge through this that they can be pioneers in affecting change and that they can have any kind of effect. Works Cited Cohen, Jordan, and Nick Hopwood. Ozone harming substances and Society. University of Michigan. 26 Sept. 2006 . â€Å"CSI: Climate Status Investigations.† The Keystone Center. 26 Sept. 2006. â€Å"Global Warming.† Encarta Encyclopedia. MSN Encarta. 27 Sept. 2006. â€Å"Climatic Variation in Earth History.† Class present. â€Å"Ecosystem.† Encarta Dictionary. MSN Encarta. 26 Sept. 2006.

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Conformity Essay -- essays research papers

As per Leon Mann, similarity implies ‘yielding to bunch pressures’. Everybody is an individual from one gathering or another and everybody anticipates that individuals from these gatherings should carry on in specific manners. On the off chance that you are an individual from an recognizable gathering you are required to carry on fittingly to it. In the event that you don’t affirm and act fittingly you are probably going to be dismissed by the gathering. Like generalizations, adjusting and anticipating that others should acclimate keeps up intellectual equalization. There are a few sorts of congruity. Numerous investigations of congruity occurred in the 1950’s which drove Kelman to recognize consistence, disguise and ID. Consistence is the kind of similarity where the subject obliges the gathering view, however secretly can't help contradicting it. Disguise is the place the subject comes to acknowledge, and in the end has confidence in the gathering view. ID is the place the subject acknowledges and accepts the bunch see, since the person needs to become related with the gathering. Leon Mann recognizes regulating similarity which happens at the point when direct gathering pressure powers the person to yield under the danger of dismissal or the guarantee of remuneration. This can happen just in the event that somebody needs to be an individual from the gathering or the gatherings perspectives or conduct are imperative to the person somehow or another. Aside from regulating congruity there is enlightening congruity which happens where the circumstance is dubious or vague and in light of the fact that the individual is unsure the person goes to others for proof of the suitable reaction. Thirdly, Mann distinguishes ingratiational congruity which happens where an individual attempts to do whatever the person figures the others will endorse so as to pick up acknowledgment (on the off chance that you cause yourself to have all the earmarks of being like another person, they may come to like you). The primary significant examination into congruity was directed in 1935 by Sherif who utilized a visual deception, known as the auto-motor impact. Sherif told his subjects that a spot of light which they were going to find in an obscured room was going to move, and he needed them to state the bearing also, separation of the development. In the primary trial condition the subjects were tried independently. Some said the separation of development wasn’t far in any directio, others said it was a few inches. Sherif recorded each subjects reaction. In the second exploratory condition, Sherif accumulated his subject... ... also, Willis give a few reactions of the early examination into congruity. Right off the bat the investigations don't recognize the thought process or sort of similarity. Do the subjects acclimate so as to increase social endorsement? Are they basically agreeing? Do they truly accept that their reaction is right? Furthermore Hollander and Willis guarantee that the tests don't recognize whether the subjects are agreeing in light of the fact that they judge that it’s not worth showing up to appear as something else, or in light of the fact that the really begin to accept that the gatherings judgment is right. Hollander and Willis moreover guarantee that the examinations can't show whether the individuals who do not accommodate do so in light of the fact that they are independant masterminds or on the other hand since they are enemies of traditionalists. What's more, Lastly, they guarantee that the investigations appear to expect that independance must be acceptable and congruity must be awful. In any case congruity is regularly benificial. Sherif and Asch have each directed genuinely counterfeit laboritory tests which indicated that about 30% of reactions can be clarified by the need or want of the subjects to accommodate. These investigations may not precisely reflect genuine when congruity may be benificial and in some cases add to mental prosperity.

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Persuasive Essay Topics - How to Choose Them

Persuasive Essay Topics - How to Choose ThemIn order to write persuasive essays, it is important to know what persuasive essay topics are and how to select them. For example, is there a cause truly worth fighting for? Are there many causes?Using persuasive essay topics to capture students' attention and interest is extremely important. Students do not like lengthy, boring, dissertation papers. The fact is that most college students have busy schedules and college professors expect more from their students.If you take the time to produce a powerful, short-but-rich essay, then you can be guaranteed to impress your professors and keep the attention of your audience. Being able to reach the top level of their attention-span will allow you to take your time, make detailed points, and build a strong argument. It will also give you an opportunity to build a solid rapport with your audience.The main thing to remember when writing persuasive essay topics is that your topic must be powerful en ough to make the reader take action. If you think about it, why should they read your essay? You need to clearly answer this question before you can proceed. Why is it so important?If you want to get your ideas across to your audience, you must be able to make a strong argument that the readers will agree with. If you do not use the power of the written word, you may be spending a lot of time arguing about the facts, but your audience will not be any the wiser.However, if you can get your audience to engage in some conversation and to think about your argument, then you can begin to build a solid rapport with your audience. Thiswill help you to retain their attention, as well as to build a rapport and therefore a relationship with them that will bring your essay to a higher level.In order to be able to master persuasive essay topics, you must be able to break down your arguments into concrete points. You must be able to make the reader re-examine your points and discuss them. You mu st be able to make the reader think about the problem you are addressing.To be able to write persuasive essay topics, you must first come up with clear objectives and then establish goals. Once you have defined these goals, then you can plan out your writing in order to reach those goals. After this is done, then you can begin writing!

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Essay about UNFORGIVEN - 975 Words

Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;As human beings we constantly struggle with ourselves on whether our actions are virtuous or vice. Some of us choose to act in an ethical way when presented with a certain situation, while others choose to act on their desires and therefore act unjustly. This was the struggle that the character, William Munny, faced in the movie â€Å"Unforgiven.† He was unable to control his desires, which resulted in his unethical actions. His actions support Socrates and Plato’s theory that if we let our desires or our emotions drive us we will act unethically when faced with circumstances. In this paper I will show how Socrates and Plato’s philosophy regarding our emotions and desires, explains†¦show more content†¦He was insecure with himself and struggled with who he used to be and who he was now. He also showed fear of truly being a killer and of his children finding out about his ways. However, in the end he justified his decision by the fact that killing these men would be a way to avenge the crime committed against the prostitute. The fact that Munny was full of fear and insecurity plays a part in his decision and unethical actions. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Another aspect of Munny’s fear can be understood through Plato’s â€Å"The Ring of Gyges.† In this story, Gyges obtains power by becoming invisible without the fear of getting caught for his wrongdoing, taking away the fear of punishment. Like Gyges, Munny did not fear punishment because he was aware of the power he had. He was like a god amongst men because his skills surpassed anyone else’s and he was sure he could not be beat. However, unlike Gyges, Munny was not invisible and he did fear that his children would find out about these actions. This fear was apparent when Munny became ill and was on the brink of death, at which time he made these feelings known. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;William Munny’s actions were not only driven by his desire, self-interest, fear, and insecurity but also by his emotions. After the task was done of killing the two men who committed the crime and receiving his reward, Munny then found out that his friend had been killed. His immediate reaction was to avenge his friend’s death by

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Marketing Plan MKT 421 - 6579 Words

Organizational Overview Cox Communications is a telecommunications company headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. Its parent company, Cox Enterprises Inc, was founded in 1898 by school teacher and three term governor of Ohio James M Cox. With more than 23000 employees in 15 states, Cox provides its 6.7 million subscribers with award winning services. Among them are: video, with high definition, digital video recorder, digital cable, and analog services; high speed broadband data with multiple speed choices; and digital telephone service. ( Current procedures require new subscribers to contact the company to set up new service and schedule an installation. This can be costly to both the company and the subscriber. Customers moving†¦show more content†¦Bottom line, Cox Communications must implement new marketing strategies based on flexible pricing options targeting different pricing strategies and programs at different customer sectors based on their needs, requirements, and socioeconomic status. Cox Communications also needs the ability to develop cross-promotional and marketing programs through which premium products and services can be targeted to specific subscriber segments based on actual customer behavior and needs. Establishing the Selective Cable On-line Ordering Plan or SCOOP ® will be the first step in the deployment of a service delivery model that allows for a targeted, highly marketable and profitable pay per use service model. Importance of Marketing SCOOP ® The best product or service if unknown to the consumer will never sell and will be unsuccessful. Many factors influence the choices made by a potential customer. Many companies other than Cox offer video, data and telephony services to consumers. Cox Communications must market itself and its products and services to gain the loyalty of subscribers. The selection of a provider for these services is an important decision that is influenced by many variables; the cost of service, the cost of installation, and customer service, to name a few. If the subscriber calls to start new service and is placed on hold for an extended period of time they are likely to hang up and call another provider, if the costShow MoreRelatedMkt/421 – Marketing - Marketing Plan6792 Words   |  28 PagesMarketing Plan Erik Wohler, Adnan Otovic, and Joshua Adamson MKT/421 – Marketing March 28, 2013 R. Scott Bluemel Marketing Plan: Phase I Overview of the Organization The entertainment industry is a vastly changing business, although the ideology has stayed the same throughout history. Since the earliest documented cases started appearing, stories and music were used to overcome and surpass dark times in cultures throughout the world. In more recent historical examples, during the great depressionRead MoreMarketing Plan Mkt 421 U of P5824 Words   |  24 PagesTeam C Product – Safety Step University of Phoenix MKT/421 Robin Reis March 29, 2010 Organizational overview Ames is a leader in North America and is known for its quality non-powered garden and lawn products. Ames was founded in 1774 by Captain John Ames. During most of the company’s past 230 years of service the company produced only shovels and controlled 60% of the U.S. market share (n.d.). Over the past three decades Ames has purchased several companies to widen its market shareRead MoreMkt 421 – Marketing Plan - Pepsi B Energy Marketing Plan: Phase One7759 Words   |  32 PagesMarketing Plan STUDENTS MKT 421 University of Phoenix DATE Professor Pepsi B Energy Marketing Plan: Phase One Pepsi is performing a marketing control of their recent release of the Pepsi Diet Slim can, evaluating the successes and the failures of product. Based on the market successes of the Pepsi Diet Slim can, Pepsi is planning to develop a sugarcane-based Pepsi energy drink consisting of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins. This newRead MoreMkt 421 (Marketing Plan) Entire Class Week 1 -52456 Words   |  10 PagesMKT 421 (Marketing Plan) Entire Class Week 1 -5 IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work Then Click The Link Below , Instant Download If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At WEEK 1 Assignment: MKT421 Wk 1 Defining Marketing Paper Defining Marketing How is marketing defined? What is its importance in a company’s success? This paper will discuss and explain different definitionsRead MoreMKT 421 Week 4 Marketing Plan: Phase III1023 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Week 4 Marketing Plan: Phase III MKT421 August, 2012 Introduction Attributes of Service In market research context, attributes are simply properties of a given product, brand, service, advertisement or any object of interest. Much brand and market research is targeted at understanding the most significant and powerful attributes, in our case, a service. Our cooking classes at Macys can have many attributes including great customer service, consistencyRead MoreMkt 421 Final Exam Answers1681 Words   |  7 PagesMKT 421 Final Exam – Assignment [pic] Questions  to  MKT 421 Final Exam Answers  are as follow: 1. Compared with other approaches to business, the marketing concept is distinct in that it: †¢ Produces new products and services. †¢ Focuses on satisfying customers needs. †¢ Focuses on sales. †¢ Creates a broad assortment of products. 2. The sales analysis of a product revealed that profits were highest when it was initially introduced into the market withRead MoreSyllabus Mkt 4212286 Words   |  10 PagesCourse Syllabus MKT/421 Version 12 1 Syllabus School of Business MKT/421 Version 12 Marketing Copyright  © 2011, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Course Description This course involves an integrated analysis of the role of marketing within the total organization. Specific attention is given to the analysis of factors affecting consumer behavior, the identification of marketing variables, the development and use of marketing strategies, andRead MoreUsing Perceptual Maps in Marketing720 Words   |  3 PagesUsing Perceptual Maps in Marketing Krissinda Richards MKT 421 December 21, 2011 Dr. Dyrren Davis Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing In the world’s market things are constantly changing. Products are introduced, have a growth period, then it starts to decline and eventually replaced with something new.The Thorr motorcycle simulation describes how the product life cycle of the Cruiser Thorr develops and then slowly declines as time and people change. In this situation, the CruiserThorr hasRead MoreMarketing Mix The 4 Ps - MKT 4211113 Words   |  5 PagesMarketing Mix 3 The Four Ps 3 Product 3 Place 4 Price 5 Promotion 6 Marketing Mix and the Market Plan 7 References 8 Marketing Mix The marketing mix revolves around the customer and their desires and/or needs. Although the customer is not included in the marketing mix, the customer is the center of the marketing mix profile -- The customer should be the target of all marketing efforts (Perreault McCarthy, 2005, p.38). The marketing mix is a piece of the whole picture constructing theRead MoreKudler Fine Foods1135 Words   |  5 Pages(Instructor) MKT/421 Kudler Fine Foods Week 3 This paper gives a justification of the importance for Kudler Fine Food’s development of its marketing tactics and strategy, and identifies other areas where additional research is needed. An analysis is done to understand the importance of competitive intelligence in regard to the development of Kudler Fine Foods marketing strategy and tactics. Justifying the Importance of Market Research in the Development of Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Strategy

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Week final assignment Free Essays

For each article, address the following: a. Create a bibliographic citation in PAP format for each article b. Summarize the article, addressing the following questions: I. We will write a custom essay sample on Week final assignment or any similar topic only for you Order Now Who? I. What was done? Iii. How was it done? Iv. What were the findings? V. What contributions has this research made? C. Describe in a meaningful way, how the article contributed to your knowledge and understanding about your selected research topic. D. Critique the article: I. Is this article well-written and well-researched? Ii. Did it/does it lead to new ideas and findings in the selected researched area? E. Synthesize your understanding of the article with what you have learned throughout the course to describe the new learning that took place as a result of reading and thinking critically about the article. A. ADD. (1997, Par 06). Dayton Daily News. Retrieved from http://search. Prostitutes/ This article was published in the Dayton Daily News. The main focus of this article was the simple definition of what Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is. It explained that it individuals with this disorder are unable to pay attention and are very impulsive. It states that children with this disorder often do not do well in school. No matter what their intelligence level is, they still will not do well in school. The article listed many symptoms that include having short attention spans, forgetful, do not meme to listen well, do not pay attention to details and individuals also fail to finish things they Start. This article listed many symptoms that I were not aware were part of it. At the same time many of the symptoms seem to describe many children in preschool and kindergarten age. Which it surprised me that the article stated that children need to be diagnosed before the age of 7. But I was glad to see that some of the symptoms have to create a real hardship in the lives before the individual can be diagnosed. This article was helpful in the sense that it was very simple and straight to the point. It loud be good to have as a reference in order to maybe talk to parents if problems become apparent with a child. B. Sorrows, K. F. (2009). ADD: urban teachers’ knowledge, beliefs and classroom practice. (Order No. 3361083, University of Massachusetts Boston). Prosiest Dissertations and Theses, , 234-n/a. Retrieved from http://search. Prosiest. Mom/ deceive/305140059? Cacao anti=32521. (305140059). This article was written by Karen Sorrows in 2009. This article talked about the importance of teacher intervention with students that have ADD. These students were from the urban area where medical intervention is less likely to append. The article also discusses how a teacher may juggle the needs of students with ADD and the others students who do not have the di sorder. It talks about the interrelationships between urban elementary school teachers use and effectiveness of research based interventions for ADD. The study showed teachers’ knowledge of ADD and the support they receive from the school districts. This was a very useful article in the way that it showed that there are support groups and other teachers deal with students with ADD. It allows a community for a teacher to go to and get any idea and or help if they deed it. It helps put in perspective that there are many families and children that are affected by this disorder that are unable to seek medical help and it is up to the teacher to try to make the best of the situation for the children sake. C. Dovish, S, van, d. O.. Wires, R. W. , print, P. J. , M. (2013). What part of working memory is not working in ADD? Short-term memory, the central executive and effects of reinforcement. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 41 901-17. Did:http://DXL. Did. Rover. MM 0802-013-9729-9 This article was written by several authors that included Dovish, Van, Wires, ND Primps. This article talks about the defects in the working memory that are common with ADD. In children that have ADD their working memory is what is affected the most. Both cognitive and motivational deficits are aberrant working memory performance. This is a good article in the sense that it helps individuals understand the inside working of the mind of a child who has ADD. It helps show the memory that it affects and controls. From the visual to the short term memory, there is more to ADD then we know. I found this article very interesting and it is very informative on the details of he workings of the brain of an individual with ADD. 5. Summarize the overall findings of your research including the summary, description, critique, and synthesis completed for each individual article. A. In the article that I read I found that there are fewer children that are affected with ADD than prior thought. It is said that only 5% of children are affected with ADD. It also gave me some insight on what some of the symptoms are. Even though some seem very extreme, the symptoms are very treatable. Most children with ADD are able to become functioning parts of society once they become adults. It is said that all children no matter what their intelligence level maybe still have problems academically in one way or another. I also learned that many parents blame the school systems for their child’s ADD problems. They blame the teachers for not being able to â€Å"teach† properly or looking for a way out of teaching their children. ADD is a genetic disorder that runs throughout the family. 6. Describe two applications this research and your deepened understanding of this educational psychology topic have to the following: a. Academic goals I. My research has really opened my eyes on how children with ADD feel and hat they may go through. It is a very sad and yet very challenging. Plan to try to keep up on all the information that I can in order to make sure that each student gets the best education possible. I know that some children with ADD can be difficult in the classroom and with other students, but it is my job as an educator to stay current with all that is happening and any new teaching techniques. Taking extra classes and helping parents as much as I can is always an option. I will also learn to distinguish the difference between a child acting out and a child who may have ADD b. Personal goals I. I know that what have researched will help in my future teaching career. I plan on teaching middle school history and children at that age can be very trying at times. I can only hope that the proper steps were taken in prior years through possible academic assessments and other symptoms to get children the medical help that they need in order to do well through the middle school years. Can only hope that if by chance I do encounter a child with ADD I have learned the proper tools in order to give the child the best education I can. C. Current role I. In my current role as a mother, wife and a full time employee I can see that I eave seen many individuals with many (but not all and not consecutively) symptoms of ADD and to be honest it can be very frustrating at times. How to cite Week final assignment, Papers

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Planning an Outing Essay Essay Example

Planning an Outing Essay Essay The process to follow if an accident or unwellness is to happen You may necessitate to measure the state of affairs. neer haste as this could ensue in bad manual handling. Check the country around you is safe. and if non take all jeopardies. Merely administer exigency foremost assistance if you are trained to make so. Get aid so they can phone exigency services or if entirely name yourself but do certain you know the facts before you call. Make certain you report everything every bit shortly as possible. Make certain you clean and sanitise the country if any muss was left behind. Principles of Safe Moving and Handling We will write a custom essay sample on Planning an Outing Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Planning an Outing Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Planning an Outing Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Always read a service users care program and follow wellness and safety act. Never lift service user manually. measure the service user to see if any alterations have been made that may alter their demands. Plan the undertaking before you even get down to travel service user and do certain you allow them cognize at all times what you are making and acquire at that place consent. Make sure you have the right equipment for the undertaking and that it meets the demands of the service user. Check for any jeopardies and guarantee managing country is clear of any obstructors. Give clear instructions to colleague’s/service user as to who’s taking the lead in the traveling procedure as helps any confusion to care workers/assistants and service user. If service user needs an aided stand/lift make certain right position. pess apart in way of the motion. elbows near to the organic structure. utilize your organic structure weight to travel service user set from the articulatio genu ss and non the dorsum. An account of why it’s of import to follow the attention program and communicate with each person when helping and traveling If you are a assistant in a intervention puting it’s ever of import to follow attention program that has been made by a societal worker since they have a disciplined manner of measuring a patient’s needs. Communicating with each service user potentially truly eases service user’s anxiousness. particularly if you can construct resonance. Communicating with colleague’s truly helps you understand you function with service user. Staff responsibilities for medicine in societal attention puting Safe disposal of medical specialties agencies that medical specialties are given in a manner that avoids doing injury to a individual. merely give medical specialties to the individual they were prescribed for. people should have the right medical specialty at the right clip and in the right manner. The attention suppliers duty to supply writ ten processs that set out precisely how to give out medical specialties and it’s the attention workers duty to follow these processs. It is besides all staffs duty to follow the seven rights of medicine disposal are as follows ; The right patientThe right drugsThe right dosageThe right pathThe right clipThe right individualThe right certification A brief description of agreed processs for obtaining. hive awaying. administrating. entering the medicine for the outing Obtaining. where the attention supplier is responsible for obtaining supplies of medical specialty on behalf of the service user. the attention worker should look into that there is adequate to last for the following few days/the outing and to order the medical specialties as agreed in the service bringing program. All fresh habitue and refused medicine should be returned to the pharmaceutics at the terminal of the day/month. However. all needed medicine which is fresh should be retained and used as directed on the attention plan/labels. Storing medical specialties. attention worker/assistant must hold right packaging for medical specialties depending on how long journey can be for illustration. if a short trip there are brown bags available from local chemists/pharmacy to hive away them in for short journeys. If journey may be longer there are besides blister batt alions gettable. They hold a 28 days’ worth of medical specialties. Particular colors for different times of the day/night as different service users may necessitate thought the day/outing i. e. Pink is for forenoon. yellow is for tiffin. orange for flushing. blue for dark clip medicine. Care workers/assistants need to maintain them in a cool environment and have a list of all medicines merely in instance a service doesn’t non take them and place which service user refused. Administer. to choose step and give medicine to a service user as specified in the attention program. Care workers/personal helper will merely administrate in specially agreed fortunes where appraisal of the service user under the mental capacity act has determined that the service user does non hold the capacity to do determinations sing medicine for themselves and can non self-medicate. instruct others manage their medicine. Recording. A signifier used to enter the inside informations of motivating and helping the medicine and related undertakings. and any other information sing the medicine or related undertakings. Normally designed to demo what was given. the dose given. the clip given and the individuality of the individual who gave it which should ever be signed and dated. An account of the attention workers attach toing the persons on the excursion should hold particular preparation before each of the followers. Transporting out exigency foremost assistance. helping and managing. managing medicine In the societal attention puting attention workers/assistants need specialist preparation before transporting out foremost assistance because if a service user needs any kind of exigency assistance they need to be able to measure the state of affairs and be able to hold right processs in topographic point in order to salvage someone’s life. It could besides be really harmful if non. Helping with traveling and managing in order to understand how to help service user besides how to utilize right equipment with assurance to assist ease service user. Managing medicine. societal attention worker/assistant to hold understanding about the service users medical conditions besides can supervise or describe any of import alterations. The attention worker/assist ant needs all comprehension of most medical specialties and how they can impact service users.